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Student-centered learning is a pedagogical design that shifts the responsibility of learning from the instructor to the student. It has been gaining traction in many organizations due to its positive impact on long-term retention and productivity. Virtual IT labs (VITLs) can be utilized as a tool on virtual training platforms in order to help students not only gain theoretical understanding but also practical experience; factors which have proven essential in coping with today's information technology driven world. Read on to learn how VITLs enable a student-centered learning environment and how ReadyTech can help you train your employees on this virtual training software.

What is a Virtual IT Lab?

A Virtual IT Lab (VITL) is an online training environment that simulates and enhances the virtual classroom experience through virtual classroom software. If a VITL is effective, it can replace the more passive, in-person classroom experience with a virtual training platform that is interactive and engaging, leading to better trainee outcomes and a more productive company. If you have never heard of VITLs before today, it is because they are a relatively new innovation. Just recently, the VITL has become an opposable thumb to training employees in job-related skills, as they provide the employer with many benefits.

Virtual IT Labs and Student-Centered Learning

The idea behind virtual environments is that allows students to learn, not only through the use of traditional physical equipment and facilities, but also by using IT labs that are virtual. For instance, many organizations have realized the value of virtual classrooms compared to traditional ones. One reason for this is because unlike physical classrooms where space comes at a premium, with virtual learning environments it is possible to provide an unlimited amount of empty rooms which can be utilized as training grounds. Another important advantage is instructor mobility. With virtual technology it becomes easy for instructors to change their location from one continent to another in real time.

Another added benefit that comes with creating a virtual IT lab environment is the ability to create high-end realistic scenarios in order trainees can practice skills and techniques they encounter in real-world situations. For instance, it is possible to create oversize screen layouts for students taking a virtual server administration course, or add preinstalled software and programs such as new operating systems and programming languages to keep students from being hindered by any physical limitations.

Virtual IT labs are becoming more popular in that they give learners the freedom to learn at their own pace without facing any geographical limitation, thus making them ideal for students who have difficulties attending regular classes due to their jobs or family commitments. They also do not require additional funding on the part of schools since most of these courses are self-paced; thereby allowing organizations to make use of this cost saving technology in order to provide instant feedback and help students become autonomous learners.

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